Welcome to The Lochindorb ESS Pedigrees

The Database of UK Judging and CC Records

It’s the End of one Era and the start of a new!

The Pedigree and UK Show Results databases are no longer available on this site.


The Lochindorb ESS Pedigree and Show Awards databases have been live on this site for almost 20 years.

However, after many thousands of hours of creating and updating the data

I realised that steps had to be taken to ensure their availability was guaranteed for years to come.


After many discussions, and with the agreement of the Officers and Committee, I have donated the databases to –

the UK English Springer Spaniel’s Parent Club – viz – The English Springer Spaniel Club

An enhanced Pedigree Database and UK Show Results Database are now available via their Web Site -


or direct on -


No login is required and it is free for all of the Springer community to use.

By this means we have ensured that the data and service will be available for all for years to come.


My thanks to the Club for accepting the donation and my appreciation to all of you have made use of the Databases over the past years.

Bob Nicolson
 March 2023

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